About Me

I am a recent college graduate from UCSB with a B.A. in Communication and a minor in Writing & Multimedia. This site is a digital portfolio and resume; please look through samples of my work and contact me with any questions.

Professional Ambitions

My goal is to find a job that allows my to put the skills I have learned into practice while working for a company I can support and become invested in. I fully commit myself to any job big or small, but I have found that working for an employer or in an industry that I personally support blurs the line between work and fun and allows me to completely devote myself to the work. My passion for action/adventure sports and the outdoors is what drives my life and ultimately I aspire to work in a related industry.


  • Writing

    Expert in journalism, blogging, and interview stories. I have three years of experience in journalism and feel confident reporting on events, interviewing people, and distilling complex concepts into easily understood writing. I also have experience with writing copy for advertisements and product descriptions.
  • Coding

    Proficient in HTML5 and CSS. I have experience with building simple sites from scratch and modifying existing templates for more intricate sites.
  • Editing

    Well experienced in editing for content, style, accuracy and grammar. I've edited news articles, blogs, newsletters, and academic essays. During my time as a section editor for The Bottom Line, I've worked directly with writers from start to finish to develop strong content and appropriate style.
  • Event Planning

    I have both planned and attended events like beer festivals and trade shows. While working at TransWorld, I helped cover events like Agenda Show and The U.S. Open and worked as staff at events like the Lowers Pro WSL contest. At Figueroa Mountain, I planned logistics and worked at events like beer festivals and community fundraisers. I can keep a detailed calendar, inventory list, and broker the coordination between parties.
  • Design

    Familiar with the Adobe creative suite for use with design documents, logos, and graphics.

Work Samples

This is a small collection of my published work including samples from two campus newspapers, internships, and jobs.

COPR Annual Newsletter

Coal Oil Point is a nature preserve dedicated to preservation and restoration. The reserve has protected habitat for endangered species and is used by biologists, graduate students, and government agencies for research. They publish and annual newsletter but reported very few people actually read it, which the attributed to its bland design and lengthy text. To attract more readers, my first step was editing the text for clarity and brevity. Reducing the amount of text allowed for more design freedom, which I took advantage of by using images, pull quotes, and line breaks.

Vans Custome Culture Story

Content Publishing

While working at TransWorld, I would routinely post press releases accompanied with a small commentary, photos, galleries, and videos. I took special care to make sure that brands were represented fairly and in a positive way and included links to their website, social media pages, and other stories about them on the TransWorld sites.

grey whale

Watching Whales Go By

This example is typical of the writing I do for The Bottom Line. Finding local news that is relevant to UCSB students can be difficult, especially for a science and technology section, so a story like this is ideal. For this story, I interviewed a few different people and did background research

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. Logo

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. Beer Blog

I wrote this blog in my first week as an intern for Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. It tells the story of Davy Brown, a legendary Santa Barbara mountain man and the inspiration for one of Figueroa Mountain's most popular beers.

Robbie Maddison Pipe Dream Interview

Robbie Maddison Interview

I worked with the editors of TransWorld Business to develop questions for Robbie, then coordinated with the videographer to find a location with good lighting and sound quality for the interview at the film's premier. Planning the logistics for the interview was especially important because we had a very limited amount of time for the shoot due to Robbie's schedule. That meant we had to come ready to go and prepared to shoot a high quality interview under pressure.

Work History

My past jobs, internships, and coursework have challenged me and built a strong and diverse set of skills. Here are my most relevant professional experiences in, for more information please see my Linkedin Profile or my full resume.

Nomad Goods

June 2018-Current - Shipping and Logistics

I started at Nomad immediately after graduation as an intern and later became a full-time employee. My daily tasks vary quite a bit as Nomad is still a small company and my job description has room for flexibility. I fulfill orders for accounts ranging from small retailers to large, international distributors. When and order is placed, I check our inventory levels and either send it directly from our office or coordinate with one of our warehouses and a commercial freight carrier. I also keep a log of returned products and track the customer's reason for returning to see if there are inherent flaws with certain products or production runs.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.

March-December 2017 - PR/Marketing & Event Coordination

After starting as part of a seasonal intern team, I was hired as a part-time events coordinator and marketing assistant. The CEO & Founder would commit the company to attend events and it was my job to fill in the rest of the details, make sure all necessary equipment was ready, and find staff or attend the event myself. The events ranged from craft beer festivals to small community fundraisers, but each one was an important branding opportunity to connect the company with the community it is already part of and reach a new audience.

At the same time, I helped manage the website and social media accounts for the main brand as well as five of their taproom locations. I added new products to the brand's websites as well as other platforms like TapHunter, updated the home page with news, and regularly updated an events calendar along with fixing broken links and images. Figueroa Mountain was growing at a very fast pace and was in the middle of a transition period during the time I worked there. The marketing manager and brand director that hired me had recently left and I did not work directly under any single person so I was tasked with essentially finding my own work and molding the position into what I saw as most useful. Balancing one of the most demanding jobs I've ever had with a full course load and a second job on campus taught me a lot about work ethic and gave me experience working independent of direct supervision.


2014-2015 - Content Syndication and Editorial Intern

My first introduction to a professional world came as an intern for the TransWorld magazine titles during my first year at community college. Working under the Video Content Manager, I was introduced to SEO, HTML, and web analytics. I managed multiple Youtube channels and tracked their viewership, filled out SEO fields and HTML metadata for newly created WordPress posts.

My first internship with TransWorld lead to a more focused position working directly under the Editor in Chief and Managing Editor of TransWorld Business. While working for them, I used WordPress to post press releases along with images and a small commentary, proofread articles, and conducted interviews that were used in both video and print. This experience is where I first built my interpersonal communication and networking skills. I was young at the time and did not have any professional experience, but was expected to work as part of a team in a large office and be a confident representative of TransWorld at events.

The Bottom Line

2016-2018 - Section Editor and Staff Writer

I started at The Bottom Line during my junior year at UCSB as a staff writer. After two quarters of regularly writing stories, I joined the editorial board as the Science & Technology section editor. In addition to doing my own interviews, research and writing stories, I was now responsible for generating and editing the content for the section. Each week, I pitch ideas to staff writers and work with them to develop a strong outline. After guiding them on research and interviews, I work directly with them during the writing process, editing their work for accuracy, style, and content. My time as an editor is when I was able to strengthen my leadership and management skills. Training new writers and helping their writing progress requires long-term planning, technical training, and reinforcement to ensure they produce the best work possible.

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out with any questions, I'm happy to provide more work samples or more information on my experience. I'm available through: email , Linkedin profile, Instagram, Facebook.